Top No Deposit Online Casinos

Best No Deposit Online Casinos

Online gamblers love no deposit bonuses, they can be some of the most valuable deals available to players. Who doesn’t love free play or cash? In this guide, we are going to explain everything there is to know about no deposit bonuses, including how they work, the different kinds, the best ones available and how to access them.

The following betting sites are the best no deposit online casinos 2021 on the market. These online casinos have been analyzed by our team via our extensive review method and have been found to be a cut above the rest. We know you are going to enjoy betting on these sites!


How To Choose A No Deposit Casino

No Deposit Casino
To choose the best no deposit casinos online you must study the site’s terms & conditions, security, licensing, banking methods, games portfolio, customer service and reputation. Follow our easy steps to help you find your perfect betting site:

Terms & Conditions

In the first step of our no deposit casino review process, we study the terms & conditions of the online casino itself and the bonus. We specifically look at the wagering and playthrough requirements of the bonus and the game limitations. We always try to find no deposit casinos that have low roll over numbers and allow players to enjoy a variety of games when using their bonus. We also study the site’s registration process to find out what information is required and how long it takes until you can start playing!


The next step in our method is determining whether or not the no deposit casino has a license and is legally able to provide the services on offer. We study the particular license a casino holds as certain licenses are harder to obtain and have stricter regulations. If a site has no license, this is a major red flag, and punters should be very cautious playing. Sites without licenses are often illegal and could be offering fixed games.

Customer Service

Customer service is a critical factor when gambling online. If anything goes wrong, you want to be able to immediately contact the site and have the problem resolved. Nobody wants to wait weeks to hear a reply to a simple email. We highly favour sites that have friendly and helpful customer service that can be contacted quickly through a variety of methods such as live chat, email and phone. We always try to find sites that go above and beyond and provide a superior customer service and that are available 24/7.

Reliable Banking Methods

Once we have determined a casino is licensed, it is time to look at their withdrawal and deposit options. We heavily favour sites that allow customers to easily deposit to and withdraw from their account via a variety of methods. Online casinos that facilitate bank transfers, credit cards, virtual wallets and cryptocurrencies score the highest in our rating system.

Games Portfolio

In the next stage of our review, we look at exactly what games the casino has on offer. The top no deposit casinos offer every game you could possibly imagine, including slots, table games and live dealer games. With casinos that offer extensive titles, you are less likely to become bored and more likely to find your lucky game that can spike your winnings.

Safety & Security

After analyzing the terms & conditions of the casino, we then do a deep dive into the site’s security. We are looking for casinos that use 128-bit end-to-end encryption or higher, host fair games from legitimate developers and who actively protect players’ data.

Positive Online Reputation

Our last step in our rating process is all about social proof. We check out different forums and gambling review sites to hear from real players. We keep an eye out for no deposit online casinos that have overwhelmingly positive online reviews. Casinos with poor reviews are appropriately penalised in our ratings.

Different Types Of Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Online Casinos
Did you know that there are all different kinds of no deposit bonuses? Let’s look at some of the most prevalent deals on the market:

Free Spins

Free SpinsFree spins are a type of no deposit bonus where punters receive complimentary play on slots. Each free spin is typically for the minimum bet of a particular slot game. For example, if you receive 25 free spins on a game with a minimum bet of $0.1, your spins are worth $2.5. Free spins often come with wagering requirements, game restrictions and a cap on winnings. Punters can find betting sites offering 50 or even three-digit free spins.

Bonus Cash

Bonus CashBonus cash is where customers will receive a small amount of money, and they are free to use that cash on any game of their choosing. Bonus cash differs from free spins in that players aren’t restricted to slot machines and can choose their bet sizing. This may be the most valuable type of casino promotion. Bonus cash does not come with winning restrictions; however, it usually includes a playthrough requirement.

Free Play

Free PlayFree play is where a punter will receive a free bet on a particular game or sports event. If the bet is successful, the punter will receive cash, and they are free to withdraw. Free play is typically restricted to a game, and customers can not choose the bet size or type. An example of free play is a $5 bet on red 30 on roulette.


CashbackA cashback bonus is where a punter will receive a percentage of all the money gambled away back. For example, if you claim a 20% cashback deal and you lose $100, you will receive $20 back. Cashback deals are a great way to increase your chance of winning. However, they are typically only available on certain games and at certain times.

How To Use Bonus Codes

How To Use Bonus Codes
Using bonus codes could not be easier! If you have used coupon codes when purchasing something from an online shop, you won’t have any problem using a casino code to unlock your bonus. All you need to do is:

  1. Copy the bonus code on our site
  2. Create an account at your casino of choice
  3. Paste the code when prompted during the sign-up process
  4. Claim your bonus and start gambling!

It really is that simple. There are no hidden tricks or complicated steps. Just remember to use the correct code as different sites have unique codes. Once you fill the code in, your bonus will just magically be added to your betting account.

Game Variety At The Best No Deposit Casinos

A top online casino with a no deposit bonus will have thousands of different games for you to try. You will find all of your favourite slot titles from world-class developers as well as the most widespread games, including:

  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

Customers will also be able to enjoy live dealer games where they can connect to an offline casino via high-quality streaming services and play with a real dealer. The best no deposit casinos have all of the same games as other industry-leading sites.

No Deposit Mobile Casinos

No Deposit Mobile Casinos
Did you know you can enjoy all the thrills of playing at a no deposit casino directly from your mobile? There are hundreds of online sites that are 100% mobile optimized and that have specialised apps built for both Android and iOs. With a mobile casino, you can live it up and gamble no matter where you are!

Our Favorite Mobile Casinos

Here are some of our most prized mobile casinos. These casinos are fully mobile optimized, and many feature a dedicated app that provides an amazing online gaming experience. If you love gambling while on your phone, then these casinos are for you.

How Does A No Deposit Bonus Work On A Mobile Device

A no deposit bonus works exactly the same on a mobile as it does on a desktop. All you need to do is register an account, fill in the promo code if needed and then wrap your hands around that bonus. Once unlocked, the bonus will automatically show up in your account, and you will be free to enjoy the best games the site has to offer.

Some online betting sites even have exclusive deals for mobile users, such as increased cashback percentages or extra bonus cash. We will let you know if we find any extra juicy bonuses that are only for mobile or app players.

Wagering Requirements On No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses
If you are wondering how online casinos make money by offering no deposit bonuses, well, the answer is wagering requirements. Most no deposit promotions come with attached wagering requirements. This means that for winnings acquired via a no deposit bonus to be eligible for withdrawal, they must be wagered a specific amount of times. For example, let’s say you won $200 and the bonus has a 44x wagering requirement to withdraw this money, you would have to make bets totalling $8800, not exactly easy.

A high wagering requirement can absolutely ruin a bonus that looks good at a quick glance, as the chance of emerging a winner can be almost impossible. We always try to find bonuses for our readers which either have zero or a very low roll over requirement. A number of betting sites are now enforcing wagering playthrough requirements as high as 100x.

Pros & Cons Of No Deposit Casinos

Pros & Cons Of No Deposit Casinos

Pros of no deposit casinos

No deposit casinos are literally giving away value for free. Why wouldn’t you take up their offers? Check out our top pros below:

  • Win risk-free cash – No deposit casinos give punters the ability to win actual cash without ever having to risk any of their own funds. The winnings can be withdrawn if the site’s T&C’s are respected.
  • Play the latest and greatest games – Winning some extra cash is nice, but another major plus of playing at a no deposit casino is the chance to check out some of the newest casino games on the market. Did you ever want to play live baccarat or play that brand new NetEnt slot? Well, you can play for free, thanks to no deposit casinos.
  • Free trial of online casino – Tracking down your perfect online betting site is not always easy with all the competition out there. It is easy for players to make a mistake and pick a poor site. However, no deposit casinos are kind enough to let punters test out and trial their casinos free of charge while still allowing them chance fate and win some dollars By quickly signing up and playing free of charge, users can test out the site’s games and site functionality to help them decide if depositing is the right move.
  • Easy to use – No deposit bonuses are designed to be fast and easy to claim and unlock. If you follow our steps, you will have your account activated and can start playing for free within minutes. You won’t have to worry about downloading any odd and slow software to your device or going through some audacious complex sign-up process. Simply just type in your basic information and the correct promo code, and you can enjoy all of the best casino games.

Cons of no deposit casinos

There are definitely many reasons to play at a no deposit casino, but there are some minuses you should consider before claiming your bonus.

  • Limits on game choice – Before claiming a no deposit bonus, you have to double check exactly what games are included and excluded. Many bonuses will specifically prevent punters from playing very swingy games with high RTPs. Instead, punters will be constricted to unpopular games with super low RTPs, making it very difficult for you to come out ahead. If you are an experienced gambler before you access your bonus, make sure your lucky game is available otherwise, it may ruin your online gambling experience and make the bonus worthless.
  • Capped winnings – No deposit bonuses can be super juicy but don’t be fooled. The casino crunches the numbers to ensure they don’t lose too much money. One way to prevent punters from getting the upper hand is by limiting the amount that players can win. In the terms and conditions you will be able to read if there is a cap and what that it is. You will often find caps to range from $50 to $100. If you are a high-stakes player, the chance to only win three figures may turn you off from even considering this form of bonus.
  • Roll over requirements – Wagering and roll over requirements are why new gamblers need to study the fine print before claiming a no deposit bonus. Another tactic betting sites use to keep the money won from bonuses on the site is introducing a roll over requirement. You will often find requirements ranging from 10x to 100x. These wagering requirements can really shift the odds of ending your gambling session in the green very low. That is why we always try to find bonuses with very low wagering requirements.


No deposit casinos allow punters to play and gamble without having to deposit anything! Casinos use no deposit promotions as a creative marketing strategy to bring new players to the site. No deposit bonuses come in a variety of forms and sizes, including free spins, cashback, bonus cash and free play.

These different types of bonuses can be easily accessed by entering the promo codes we provide on our site when creating an online casino account. Our guide has listed the best no deposit casinos and the best promo codes on the market, which you can use to win real money. Based on our in-depth reviews of different sites, we are convinced that our selected casinos will provide you with a world-class betting experience. Give our reviewed sites a go today and start winning cash immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best No Deposit Online Casinos?
Above you will find our extensive reviews of the best no deposit online casinos. We recommend any of the listed options.
Are There Any Bonuses At No Deposit Online Casinos?
No deposit casinos offer a variety of bonuses the same as other online sites. Depending on the site, you will be able to access free spins, bonus cash, free play and cashback.
What Games Can I Play At No Deposit Online Casinos?
At no deposit casinos, you can find all of your favourite games, including slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and live dealer games.
What Are The Main Benefits Of No Deposit Online Casinos?
With no deposit casinos, you can win real money without ever having to dip into your pockets while also getting to trial out the site and its games.
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